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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The entire website for Edens Gardens will be
discontinued early in August 2014.  Our business focus has changed
such that all of our resources are now being channeled to our latest
The Quilting Gypsy, with its colorful and informative web-
site that offers unique products and services to quilters everywhere.

Please visit with us today at
thequiltinggypsy.com, and see the many
exciting new patterns, books and tools we offer for your enjoyment.
You can also read about our fun and educational quilting classes and
lectures,  and our superior quality custom long-arm quilting services.
If you love quilts and quilt-making, you will not want to miss this site!

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Business Links

Please visit the web sites of our most trusted friends and business
associates by clicking on the links below.  We know that these fine
companies will deliver quality products and services, at reasonable
prices, with outstanding attention to customer satisfaction.  Please
note that these web links are not provided for click-through revenue.
However, we do engage in reciprocal links with a small number of
carefully selected partners, after performing extensive site reviews.

Flashlights Unlimited - Top-quality brand-name LED flashlights, headlamps, accessories
and batteries.  Wide product selection, low discount prices, friendly customer service.
Product lines include Coleman, EternaLight, INOVA, INFORCE, MagLite, NightStar and
NightStorm, Photon, Princeton Tec, Rigel Systems, Safe-Light, Streamlight, and more.

KwMap - Easily browse keyword maps for Edens Gardens and thousands of other
web sites across the internet with this unique and powerful new reference engine.

Seiz Pottery - Hand-thrown hand-glazed art pottery, produced in the Arts & Crafts and
Prairie School styles.  The one-of-a-kind pieces are individually stamped and numbered.

The Gypsy Quilter - Our sister website, offering a wide variety of patterns, books, and
tools for beautiful quilts, unique purses, and stunning apparel.  Also providing traveling
classes and lectures to help novice through advanced quilters explore new techniques.
The Gypsy Quilter also now offers prime quality professional long-arm quilting services.

TootToot - A delightful web site for children, with stories, recipes, jokes, and more.
This excellent kids' resource is provided by the fine folks at Curbstone Corporation.

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Software Links

Follow these links to get popular browser enhancements and other
software products.  All of these fine products are used at the Edens
Gardens offices.  We strongly recommend them for all internet users.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Reads and prints all Adobe Portable Document Format files.

Apple QuickTime Player - Views many formats of high-quality movie and audio files.

Microsoft DirectX 9 Runtime - Latest multimedia enhancements for graphics & sound.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - The latest version of the feature-packed web browser.

Microsoft Windows Media Player - New versions of the popular Windows media player.

Spybot - Search & Destroy - Detect and remove unwanted spyware & adware tools.

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Science Links

If you have an interest in space technology or cosmology,
or a passion for the sciences in general, you may want to
visit these fascinating web sites.  They have a lot to offer.

SETI@home - The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence At Home

The Planetary Society - The Largest Space Interest Group On Earth

Science@NASA - Direct To People! - Inform, Inspire, Involve

NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Science News Online - The Weekly News Magazine Of Science

National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin

The Planets And Space Science - Presented By Mobile QR Codes

Kids Guide To Bugs And Insects - Presented By Mobile QR Codes

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          Edens Gardens Home   Edens Gardens Painting Services           Edens Gardens Handmade Pottery   Edens Gardens Handcrafted Curiosities

          Edens Gardens Internet Links   Edens Gardens Visitor Feedback           Edens Gardens Order Information  

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